Badger vs Fear The Walking Dead

Musings of a jaded, cynical Brit
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The Walking Dead came out swinging in a time before we were all bored of zombies. Fear The Walking Dead did not.

I’ve been watching this series with a certain amount of incredulity. I get it, the characters are supposed to be confused by what is happening around them. They panic. Totally understandable. That said, I can only suspend my disbelief so far; they all should have Darwined themselves out of existence by the midseason finale. There is one exception: Victor. This guy has shit on lockdown. He’s the only character that I’m rooting for. I’m actively willing the other characters to meet their demise. It’s a strange thing to be on the side of the Zombies.

It’s a shame really because this series had such potential. Personally I was looking forward to a detailed portrayal of the collapsing of society as we know it. Instead we got a whitewash. One season in and we’re basically up to where The Walking Dead started out.

I am starting to warm to discount Johnny Depp (Nick) in season two. He’s transitioning from annoying to badass, but he still has his moments of fuckery. The rest of the cast are still infuriating. Especially Chris. Thankfully I’ve never been in his position, so I can’t possibly relate, but, he takes self-loathing to masochistic levels.

I’ll keep watching, if only in the hope that I see some gruesome deaths.

Published Jun 4, 2016