Badger vs Introductions

Musings of a jaded, cynical Brit
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Hello there. Welcome.

The original intention of this site was to be a developer diary for my hobby projects, but it has evolved to include random other topics as well.

My current project is an online version of the card game Big Two (Dai Di) which I will be detailing over the coming months.

The site itself is built using Hugo. It’s a great little tool, though the documentation could use a bit of work, and I’m not a fan of go template syntax (compared to jinja2 I find it really unintuitive). The theme is built by me with the goal of being easy to read and extremely lightweight. It’s a work in progress but I’ll setup a repo on github for anyone that wants it.

My public github repo is BadgerIO.

You can contact me on twitter @badgerdotio.

My awesome site logo was designed by Rob at Saint Colour Design.

Published Jun 4, 2016